Basic information about flyfishing in the Czech republic

About the Czech republic:

As you can see on the map below, Czech republic lies in central Europe between Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria. Some of you remember the Czech republic and the Slovak republic together as Czechoslovakia. Both countries agreed to separate in 1993. The Czech republic is a member of the European Union since 2005. We still have our own czech currency - the czech crown, CZK. The exchange rate is app. 1 EUR = 28 CZK, 1 USD = 23 CZK. The capital is Prague, the best destination if you want to fly. If you want to come by car, contact us and we'll recommend the best route to the place of your holidays to you. The country is pretty safe, problems are with theft only. Don't leave money, passports, cameras, radios and other valuable things in your parked car or without any supervision! The weather conditions are average, temperature usualy variates between -10 and 5 degrees Celsius during winter, 5 to 20 degrees during spring and autumn, 20 to 30 degrees in summer. All services you may need are available at a comparable level as you are accustomed to from western european countries.


According to the fishing rules you may fish from 16th April to 30th November, but in some places even all year round. Cold spring months are good for nymphing, summer months for evening dryfly fishing. October ,November and December are good for grayling fishing with nymphs and small dry flies.


We can devide the Czech republic into two parts: Bohemia (western part) and Moravia (eastern part). Very nice and good flyfishing places in Bohemia are in the south - Vltava river and Otava river (16th World Flyfishing Chamionship rivers). Good flyfishing place in the north-west is the Ohre river (downstream from the Nechranice dam). Also smaller rivers and streams provide good flyfishing conditions - Mze and Strela rivers in the west. Labe, Orlice, Chrudimka, Upa and Stenava rivers in the eastern part of Bohemia. Good flyfishing conditions in Moravia you can find in the south - Dyje river, Svratka and Svitava rivers. Smaller but very beautiful places you can find in the north Moravian area - Moravice river, Morava river, Branna river, Bela Jesenicka river. A more detailed guide can be found in our Rivers & Lakes sections.

Fish species:

You can fish mainly for brown trout and grayling, on some places also rainbow trout, brook trout, chub, dace, barbel, perch, pike, pikeperch, carp and danubian salmon.

Brown trout

  • usual size: 20-40cm
  • biggest: 50-60cm and even more
  • best places: Ohre river, Vltava river,   Loucna river, Bela Jesenicka river, Moravice river, Stenava river
  • useful flies: nymph, dry fly


  • usual size: 20-35cm
  • biggest: over 40 even 50cm
  • best places: Ohre river, Vltava river, Loucna river, Chrudimka river, Bela Jesenicka river, Mze river, Svratka river, Moravice river, Morava river, Stenava river
  • useful flies: nymph, dry fly

Rainbow trout

  • usual size: 20-40cm
  • biggest: 50-60cm, on lakes even 80
  • best places: Krc reservoir, Policka reservoir, Kvetonov reservoir, Ohre river, Vltava river
  • useful flies: streamer, nymph, dry fly

Brook trout

  • usual size: 20-35cm
  • biggest: over 40cm
  • best places: Bedrichov reservoir, Horska Kamenice river (Jizera's onflow)
  • useful flies: nymph, dry fly


  • usual size: 15-35cm
  • biggest: over 50cm
  • best places: Malse river, Moravice river, Vltava river, Becva river, Otava river, Jizera river
  • useful flies: dry fly, nymph


  • usual size: 15-25cm
  • biggest: over 30cm
  • best places: Vltava river, Otava river, Orlice river
  • useful flies: dry fly, nymph


Danubian salmon "Hucho"

  • usual size: 50-80cm
  • biggest: over 100cm
  • best places: Vltava river, Otava river, Becva river
  • useful flies: streamer



  • usual size: 40-80cm
  • biggest: over 100cm
  • best places: Lipno reservoir (Vltava river), Nechranice reservoir (Ohre river), Slezska Harta reservoir (Moravice river), Vltava river, Sazava river, berounka river
  • useful flies: streamer


  • usual size: 15-30cm
  • biggest: over 40cm
  • best places: Lipno and Lipno II reservoirs, Stechovice reservoir, Nechranice reservoir, Slezska Harta reservoir
  • useful flies: streamer, nymph


  • usual size: 20-60cm
  • biggest: over 70cm
  • best places: Moravice river, Ostravice river, Ohre river, Berounka river (Vltava's onflow), Jizera river
  • useful flies: nymph


  • usual size: 30-50cm
  • biggest: over 80 even 100cm
  • best places: Lipno II reservoir, Kvetonov reservoir, Policka reservoir, Berounka river
  • useful flies: nymph, buzzer

Pikeperch (Walleye)

  • usual size: 30-50cm
  • biggest: over 80cm
  • best places: Lipno reservoir, Slezska Harta reservoir, Nechranice reservoir
  • useful flies: streamer


  • Wet flies: caddis nymphs, march brown nymph, mayfly nymph

  • Dry flies: iron blue dun, red quill, red tag, spiders, olive dun, may flies, caddis flies

  • Streamers: muddler minnow, woolly buggers etc.


You have to have a state licence (100 CZK, you can buy it at the local town halls) and a fishing permit for the venue you want to fish (approx. 500 CZK/day, you can buy it in a local Czech or Moravian Fishing Union office or in some tackle shops or from private owners).


No problem ! Prices app. 300 -1.500 CZK. We can arrange it for you as a part of our guiding service (for more information contact us: or via tel: +420 777 349 220 - also SMS).