CDC caddis fly


The CDC caddis fly is pretty easy to tie and one of the best flies for really big trout on streamy and also still water. Because of used materials it floats like a foam and allows very agressive moves on the surface activating big fish. It is our favourite fly for evening dry flyfishing, however you can try it on the lake, if you'll be stuck with matching some natural insect. Believe me, trout likes such a fat steaky fly!

Tying materials:

  • hook #10-16 (according to size you want to achieve)
  • natural CDC feathers
  • CDC dubbing
  • muskrat hair for tentacles

Tying procedure:

Tie the tying thread to the hook and wind round to the end of the shank. From this place go back to the first quarter of the shank with dubbed CDC and make the firts part of the body base. Now tie up few CDC feathers (tip to the hook), number depends on how fat and floating the fly you want to have. Then use the CDC dubbing again and continue with the body base. Now turn the CDC feathers endwise to the hook eye and make the wings base (and floating base).

Then make regular wings. Tie few CDC feathers (again depends on how fat and floating th fly shoudl be) by the hook eye. The lenght of these feathers should be a little bit longer than the wings base you made before. For hackles (legs) use cutted fibres from the CDC feathers. Use a special clip and the loop from the tying thread to fix into and wind the loop round. If you don't like to play with the CDC in the clip, you can use an usual hackle feather. Now tie the tentacles using two muskrat hairs in front of the hook eye. Fix the thread and its done!

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