Chironomid (midge pupa)


This fly is one of the most important patterns. In some watters are midge pupas three quarters of a fish's diet. In Czech republic you can use it succesfully on every lake for trout (rainbow & brown) and also for other fish species like carp, perch, chub, dace, whitefish etc. For fishing with chironomid you'll use a floating fly line for 80%, in some cases also hover or intermediate fly line. Very important rule for a succesful fishing with a midge pupa is a very slow pulling with many pauses.

Tying materials:

  • shrimp (gammarus) nymph hook #10-18
  • crystalflash for ribbing
  • white SLF or CDC for gills
  • seal fur: black for head and thorax, red or orange for wings germ and olive, brown-red, black for body

Tying procedure:

Tie in one strand of crystalflash. Then dub seal fur for a body and run this dubbed thread up to second third of the shank. Rib the body with crystalflesh. Dub orange or red seal fur and create the wings germ.


Create gills using white SLF or CDC by the hook eye. Form the gills to the sides as you can see above (image 3). Dub black seal fur and create thorax and head in the remaining space. Finish the fly.

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