Extended body mayfly


This dry fly is very interesting for tying and very useful for fishing. In Czech republic we are using it from may to august especialy for brown trout. The colour of the fly could variate from the presented olive&brown through dark brown, grey to the black. The advantage of this fly is a perfect imitation of bigger hatching natural insects. And if you'll be lucky, trout will jump out to take your fly!

Tying materials:

  • hook #10-16 (according to size you want to achieve)
  • body and ribbing thread (olive, brown, light brown)
  • natural CDC
  • one bigger feather for the body base
  • pheasant feather for the tail
  • brown hackle

Tying procedure:

Tie the feather - body base to the hook. Don't use the bottom part of the feather to prevent body breaks. Then tie up the body thread (olive) and the ribbing thread (brown) to the hook. Put the body feather to the stretching clip.

Tie the ribbing thread first from the hook to the tail. Then make a body by winding round the hook and body feather with the body thread. Finish the winding round back on the hook and fix the body thread. Now make a ribbing using the ribbing thread tied by the tail and go back to the hook and fix it there. Now cut the rest of the body feather and leave only few hackle fibers as a typical mayfly tail.

Tie two CDC feathers up to achieve a perfect vertical position of the wings. Then tie the brown hackle feather up and wind it 3 times (or more according to a current of the river you want to fish) round the wings. Make a head, finish the tying and it's done! Nothing crazy or difficult, isn't it?

Do you have any problem with tying of this pattern? Do you need an advice? Contact us: info@flyfish.cz