SLF streamer


SLF streamer is very succesful pattern, especially for pike, walleye, perch and for bigger salmonids (brown trout, rainbow trout, brook trout). I think you can try it for salmon or hucho fishing and for every predator fish all over the world.

Tying materials:

  • streamer hook #6-4 (according to fish you want to catch)
  • strong thread (same color as a body)
  • red thread
  • streamer body tube
  • red marabou hackle
  • white SLF
  • gray or olive SLF
  • four strands of crystalflesh

Tying procedure:

Run strong thread all over the shank to create a body base. The thread colour will be the streamer's body colour.

Tie in red thread by the far side of the hook and put the body tube on the shank (from the hook eye to the far side). Fix it using the tying thread by the hook eye and finish this thread. Now fix the far end of the tube with red thread and finish it as well.

Tie in the tying thread again. Tie in red marabou hackle from below. Then tie in white SLF to the upper side.

Above the white SLF tie in gray or olive SLF.

Then tie in four strands of crystalflash (two strands on both sides). Tie the head and finish the tying. Then you can draw stripes or dots on SLF using special colour pens.

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